We can provide our patients with affordable dentures and dental care to seniors due to our cost-efficient dental lab located right here in our office. While many cosmetic and general dentists have to order dentures or crowns from other dental labs and have to wait up to two weeks for each dental case. Our dental and denture technical team is working directly on-premises. Nothing gets lost in translation! The dental technicians and the dentist work side by side to ensure the perfect custom fit of your denture. They are available throughout your appointment to assess your bridge or denture. They can make any adjustments or changes while you wait! No need to make multiply visits! This saves you time and money!

Our dentist and denture tech specialize in :

Denture repair while you wait , Implant over Dentures, Full Cosmetic Dentistry, Affordable Dentures, Affordable Dentist on staff, Dental fixed bridge, Dental Crowns, Simple and Surgical Extractions, White fillings, Dental Cleanings & Deep Cleanings, Teeth Whiting, Custom bleaching trays, One Day Or Same Day Denture Service, Denture Reline , Soft Dentures, Partial Dentures, Metal-free Partials, Flexible Partial Denture, Dental Exams, Digital Dental X-rays, Mini Denture Implant , Dental and Denture Stain Remover, Free Dental cost estimates, Repairs while you wait!  

We accept all PPO Dental Insurance and Human Gold Plus! Call today for your free denture consultation!